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Doodle Gardens


Bringing Home a Puppy During Covid

Posted on December 10, 2020 at 12:15 AM

Times right now are strange and unusual. Doing puppy pick ups during the spring and summer aren't bad because it is usually nice outside. But it is winter now so it is much colder. We have been introducing the puppies to the outdoors and to time away from their littermates. As we are getting closer to puppy Go Home Day(s), we are having to do things a bit different. We will be doing a video chat with families to go over everything we would normally go over with them in person on Go Home Day. In addition, we have multiple families traveling a great distance and coming from out of state. This is a first for us. We would like to accomodate as much as possible to allow you to get home with your new puppy in a timely manner but also in a safe manner. Here is an article with some great tips about picking up a puppy during Covid.

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